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About Us

Welcome to the Detoxx Bar Health Food Market!

The Detoxx Bar is a wonderful wellness boutique and juice bar for both hard-core detoxxers as well as beginners. We provide a wide variety of juices, teas, foods, supplements, herbs, custom cutting edge tonics and oxygen therapy to reclaim your health and optimize your life..

Our Specialization

We provide a wide range of cleansing services designed with the with each individual customer’s needs in mind. Whether you want a light cleansing, a hard cleanse, or just a boost for immunity, we welcome you to come in and speak to us, we can find the perfect solution for you!

Our Vision

“Always inspiring the healthiest choice.”

Our Mission

“Providing the best food alternatives to educate and foster healthier minds, bodies and lifestyles.”

Our Core Values – I.N.S.P.I.R.E.

  • Integrity

    We stand behind our work

  • Neighborly

    Caring for all

  • Supportive

    We’ll always be there for you

  • Passion

    We love what we do

  • Improving Lives


  • Reliability and Respect

    Trust us to deliver in the best way

  • Experience

    Backed by years of service

Our Team of Experts Make the Right Foods for You

We are a team of dedicated professionals working together and along with you to ensure that your healthy lifestyle goals are easily met!

Green Juices

Green Juices

We use green juices to cleanse the body and deliver potent nutrients that are both tasty and effective

Ginger Shots

Ginger Shots

Ginger shots provide a boost to the immune system, improves digestion and reduces inflammation

Fruits and Vegetable Smoothies

Fruits and Vegetable Smoothies

Our smoothies pack the biggest punch! They are great tasting, filled with probiotics, energy boosters, and are the perfect meal replacement! You can mix and match all our ingredients to make your specially unique smoothie drink!

Veggie Salads

Veggie Salads

We serve the best veggie salads in town! A complete meal made with love and packed with all the best ingredients to keep you full all day long.

Veggie Soups

Veggie Soups

Our soups and a tasty treat! You will never believe it’s all vegetables. Spiced and seasoned and sprinkled with love, our soups are highly irresistable.

Herbal Therapy

Herbal Therapy

We have every herbal supplement and remedy for every need. Whether you have an ailment or just keeping up with your health, there‘s nothing you can’t find in our stores!

Don’t take our word for it…

Here’s What Others Have to Say About Us!

Life saver! Dr. Swamee was the only person who took time to study COVID19 and then do deliveries of anti viral teas and herbs to help me recover from this wicked virus!! She was clear in letting me know she is not afraid and she will do whatever she can to help me recover and that she did and sum! The Detoxx Bar is my first and last stop for all things wellness. Now by the grace of God I’m adding life saving to that list! Thank God for you Dr. Swamee!!!

Top quality supplements and great goods altogether. Great staff as well.

Perfect and staff is Great

Love the patties and health drinks

This is not your average juice bar. The staff is very knowledgeable, and honest. They even will talk to you about your eating habits. Highly recommended!

This herbs doctor is amazing. She works with you once you want the help. I will recommend her to everyone I know.

Great place. Excellent juices. And people who care!!! Completely black owned.

Best juice bar

Ms. Swami and her staff are very knowledgeable when it comes to eating healthy and natural. From organic fruit & foods down to organic toothpaste and natural toothbrushes. On Saturdays she has a cooking class on what to make from scratch with veggies and meat substitutes plus she gives out samples to everyone in attendance. THIS PLACE IS GREAT!!!

Dr Swami is the best I wish I had gone there sooner.